GST, QST and Real Estate Transactions

This online course is intended for residential and commercial real estate brokers, notaries, lawyers and accountants. Would you like to know if the sale of a real property is subject to the GST and to the QST, partly or entirely?

The topics covered will include: dual-use multiplex, commercial building, professional building, condos and home purchased for rental purposes. The course is given by Mr. Serge Vanier, CPA, CMA, from Ad Valorem, a GST/QST practitioner for more than 25 years.

Note to real estate brokers: this course is accredited by the OACIQ and is granting 2 Units in the Specialized Content.

The cost of the course is $85 plus GST (4.25$) and QST (8.48$) for a total of $97.73. The duration is 2 hours and a question period will follow the presentation.

To book a training session within your organization do not hesitate to contact us at or 514-461-1543.

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2017-03-21 I thought the presentation was great and extremely useful. I think a lot more notaries would attend if they had known about it.

2017-03-21 was really good