• Real Estate Transactions / Transactions immobilières

    Before a real estate transaction is finalised, do not hesitate to consult a GST-HST and QST practitioner


Some Real Estate Transactions Require GST, HST and QST Expertise

  • Tax compliance (collect GST, HST and QST - inform tax authorities of real estate transactions)
  • Benefit of GST/HST and QST refunds

GST, HST and QST complexities encountered within real estate transactions

Sale of real property with commercial use (partly or entirely)

  • Vacation condo
  • Duplex, triplex, etc.
  • Vacant land
  • Residential commercial mix
  • Farmland

The seller may be required to collect tax even if not registered.

The seller may be required to validate the GST and QST registration numbers of the buyer.

The buyer may be required to self-assess tax.

It may be beneficial for a buyer to register to the GST – QST.

It may be beneficial to file a tax election to lower the tax cost before a transaction occur.

Tax authorities audit process

Ad Valorem reviews assessments on real estate transactions, assessments that would very well have been avoided had the proper measures been taken at the time the transaction took place.


To be aware of possible tax recoveries as well as tax compliance do not hesitate to contact a tax expert from Ad Valorem prior to the moment a transaction occurs.