Ad Valorem is a firm offering consultation pertaining to Canadian indirect taxes for all types of organizations.

Our Expertise

Our area of expertise includes mainly the Goods and Services Tax, the Harmonized Sales Tax, and the Quebec Sales Tax. We also offer tax consulting dealing with insurance premiums under Part 1 of the Excise Tax Act, tobacco taxes, and fuel taxes.

Indirect Tax Consulting

Our Services

  • Tax interpretation
  • Taking charge of tax audits
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Filing GST & QST returns to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec
  • Reviewing GST-HST-QST projects of assessment
  • Tax representation
  • Assist the transfer of financial information to tax authorities
  • Lending of staff specializing in indirect taxes
  • Reviewing an organization’s indirect tax profile
  • Energy studies for HST and QST purposes
  • Calculating apportionment of inputs
  • Tax compliance for construction of residential rental properties
  • Indirect tax rules regarding pension funds
  • Excise tax rules on insurance premiums