• Income Tax Consulting / Consultations en impôt sur le revenu

    Ad Valorem renders consulting services in income tax for corporations and trusts

Our expertise

Our expertise covers mainly the income tax of Canadian corporations and personal and business trusts under the Income Tax Act and Quebec Taxation Act:

  • Representation with the tax authorities
  • Notices of Assessment and objections
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax on Non-residents

Doing Business in Canada

If you run a Canadian or a foreign business that has a permanent establishment in Canada, or you wish to expand your business in Canada, you could benefit from our advice on a variety of tax matters.

Our business taxation advisory services

Our business taxation advisory services are designed to meet your needs for corporate advisory services.

Our tax professionals offer integrated services to meet all the challenges of planning, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities as part of an audit or an administrative dispute.

Our unwavering commitment to quality service will allow your corporation to firmly establish best practices for compliance and the filing of returns as well as for establishing tax strategies in the long term by which your corporation can more easily achieve its objective.