Employee Expense Software

Advataxes - Online Employee Expense Software

Advataxes is an online accounting software for employee expenses. It is unique in the way it integrates a set of rules dealing with the GST/HST and the QST. With the increase in complexity of the GST/HST QST rules, another approach than the in-house template we regularly encountered has been developed to address changing tax rules. Indeed, tax codification has been integrated by Ad Valorem at the category level.

With the assistance of the latest technology, this software will assist you to boost your productivity.
Overall, our clients’ comments are to the effect that software is very user friendly. In itself it is a major accomplishment, to not only properly handle the GST/HST/QST rules but also to reduce the time spent by employees in handling expense reports. When implementing Advataxes positive comments come not only from the accounting department but also from employees filing up their expense report. You can consult our clients’ comments on Capterra’s website at; https://www.capterra.com/p/135567/Advataxes/

Advataxes is the winner of the innovative travel technology of the year 2018 award. The award was granted by Levvel Research on December 4, 2018.

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